Cities: Skylines expansion celebrates winter cold with in-game winter


If you think the weather is too damn cold to do anything outside then you’re in luck!

Paradox Interactive has announced that beloved city simulator Cities: Skylines will be receiving an expansion called Snowfall. In Snowfall, you get to experience digital frostbite from the comfort of your warm gaming room.

Snowfall will allow armchair mayors to expand and grow their cities using new transportation options. Other additions will revolve around the expansion’s central feature: in-game weather. Purely cosmetic weather options will also be be provided as a free update to existing players of Cities: Skylines.

When temperatures drop, residents will stay indoors for warmth. This will cause an increase in electricity consumption unless water-based heating is in place in your city. Road maintenance will also be a new burden during those colder climes, as you’ll need a snow plow to ensure traffic flows despite the weather.

We’re told that Snowfall will arrive “later this year,” but no price has been announced. We suspect it’ll be in the same price ($15) as the previous expansion After Dark, which added a day night cycle and night lighting to the game.