Her Story developer reveals follow up game


The creator of Her Story, a smart, original murder mystery game is getting a sequel. Today, developer designer Sam Barlow posted a one-page design doc on Twitter. All the important bits are blurred out, of course, but the key detail of his doc? The page heading, “Her Story 2.

Developer Sam Barlow crafted a compelling script that also served as a one woman acting show for Viva Seifert, largely unknown as an actress. Released on PC and iOS in June, Her Story took a stab at telling an intriguing story through full motion video.

Despite the technique falling out of use from video games in the late 90s, this little indie went on to sell 100,000 copies in its first month. It also received widespread critical acclaim and several awards from the gaming press.

“I was somewhat reserved about the Steam audience early on,” Barlow told MCV. “There is a vocal minority on that platform that can be outspoken and try and run any ‘not games’ out of town. But, since launch, the reception has been fantastic; the game has over 90 per cent positive reviews and at one point it was in the top couple of chart positions.”

Barlow followed up with a clarification that “Her Story 2” is just a working title. He’ll surely come up with a better title. It will also have an all new story disconnected from the mystery of Her Story. Whether or not it uses the same clever format, remains to be seen.

Sam Barlow on Twitter