Heroes of the Storm summons new heroes from Sanctuary


Heroes of the Storm keeps marching onwards with new heroes, and even our dedicated Heroes-of-the-Storm-ologists can’t keep up!

Fortunately, we were able to turn our attention from playing today long enough to be on the feeds when Blizzard revealed the next pair of heroes coming to the online action brawler: The Necromancer and the Wizard from Diablo II and III, respectively.

No official spotlight videos have been uploaded yet, but Blizzard did discuss them in depth with some websites such as Heroes Nexus, which has a decent recap of gameplay relevant information. According to director Dustin Browder, Xul the Necromancer serves as a disruptive melee combatant while Li-Ming the Wizard is a high skill cap ranged assassin.

The Necromancer was developed with some challenge for the Heroes of the Storm team. Browder told GameSpot that although people have their own experience on how to build and play a Necromancer in Diablo II they kept had to lock on to some core concepts to reflect its essence.

Overall it took them twelve weeks to conceptualize the Necromancer, as opposed to the average six to eight it has taken for most other heroes. No exact dates have been given for the release of these heroes, but if Blizzard is ready to announce them we can expect them soon-ish.
Heroes Nexus