Sony applied to make ‘Let’s Play’ a trademark because who doesn’t like owning things


According to filings found by NeoGAF user “Seraphis Cain,” Sony Computer Entertainment America wants ownership of the term “Let’s Play.”

Apparently, the company applied for a trademark on the phrase last October, which defined it as “electronic transmission and streaming of video games via global and local computer networks; streaming of audio, visual, and audiovisual material via global and local computer networks.”

Of course, anybody with at least a bit of awareness of gaming culture knows that the term has been in common use by video content producers — i.e. streamers and YouTubers — to describe their work playing videogames for the entertainment and amusement of others.

Sony didn’t coin the term nor did they popularize it, so this attempt to claim some exclusive rights to the phrase don’t look so good. Thankfully, the United States Patent and Trademark Office refused Sony’s application, citing the “likelihood of confusion with” a previously registered trademark, “LP Let’z Play,” and gave them six months to make an argument case.

Whatever their reasons for the trademark, one has to wonder whether it’s worth igniting controversy and possibly even anger from the Let’s Play creators and their community of viewers.