World of Warships taps Arpeggio of Blue Steel for new ships and missions


Anime girls and big guns are a match made in heaven for certain segments of the geek demographic. Fresh from a tie-in between the anime series “Girls und Panzer” and World of Tanks, is at it again with a collaboration between their naval shooter World of Warships and the anime series Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-.

The latest major update to World of Warships allows players to set their home port background to the high tech Yokosuka naval base from the anime, which serves as the last bastion of the Japanese navy. This update to the massively multiplayer online game of naval combat is more than just cosmetic however, as entering the Yokosuka port mode triggers challenge missions that give players a chance to unlock unique warships from the anime.

The first series of challenge missions, which runs from January 1 to February 29, gives players the chance to unlock a pair of warships from the alien AIs of the Fleet of Fog: the battlecruiser “Kongo”, Flagship of the First Oriental Fleet, and heavy cruiser “Myoko”, Student Council Vice President of the Fleet of Fog. Both ships are powerful mid-tier vessels re-textured to match their anime appearance, albeit without the insanely powerful future-tech weapons like graviton cannons and corrosive warheads. In addition to the unique skins, Arpeggio mode also includes specially designed voice sets for battlefield commentary, featuring each ship’s Mental Model avatar as well as heroine I-401 “Iona”.

Players will have to step up their game if they want to earn both ships. The multi-tiered Arpeggio-mode missions will require players to unleash an incredible amount of punishment to unlock either vessel. The ARP Kongo three-tiered challenge requires players to destroy 30 cruisers, shoot down 150 aircraft, and deal a million points of damage, while the ARP Myoko challenge will require you to earn 30 destroyer kills, set fire to 300 ships, and deal a million points of damage.

A trailer released to promote the collaboration also features additional vessels and their Mental Models, such as the battleships “Haruna” and “Kirishima”, so we can expect more challenge missions to come throughout the year.

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