DC Universe Online goes cross-platform


Get your Leagues and Legions ready for the newest DC Universe Online feature!

Daybreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) has rolled out their biggest update to DC Universe Online: Cross Play. The new feature is now available to all DCUO players on the PC, PS3 and PS4.

In its press release, the studio describes the game’s Cross Play feature as “seamlessly […] playing with players on other platforms, including in groups, in leagues, in On Duty content, and in the open world.” Daybreak repeatedly emphasized the “seamless” nature of Cross Play in the press release.

The only drawback to Cross Play? “The accounts remain separate, and your characters remain attached to your PC or PS accounts,” so no transferring of characters, not that it was ever in Daybreak’s plan: “We do not plan to offer character transfers of any kind, for business and technical reasons.”

The launch of the new feature comes right on the heels of another significant announcement: DC Universe Online will be getting an Xbox One release, although it was pointed out that the Xbox One release would not be getting Cross Play.