The Tomorrow Children gets a closed beta today


Don’t miss this weekend’s closed beta for The Tomorrow Children.

While this game seems to flown past the radar of most gamers, as well as the mainstream video gaming press, this open world sand box adventure game is one that can be held in high esteem. The game has been described as “a mix of Minecraft-esque collaboartive building, social economics and a Soviet Union-themed post-apocalyptic dystopia.”

The Tomorrow Children runs on developer Q-Games proprietary game engine, boasting gorgeous Pixar-ish graphics and fully utilizes PlayStation 4’s Async Compute technology. There’s more to list when it comes to the beauty of the game, from global illumination to bounces of light per pixel, so it would be better to just sign up this weekend and have a closer feel!

The closed beta runs from February 7 GMT to February 8 at 9am GMT. European players should visit this link while North American PS4 owners can sign up through here.

Announced last December, the first beta test ran from January 21-23. The Tomorrow Children was initially slated for fall of 2015 on PS4 after its announcement during Gamescom 2014 at Sony’s press conference, but having missed that date is now estimated for a Q1/Q2 2016 release instead.