Conduct an orchestra through VR with Conductrix


Acclaimed, award-winning conductor and equally renowned composer, Eímear Noone and Craig Stuard Garfinkle, have teamed up to create an ambitious, virtual reality music game that puts you in the shoes of a conductor.

With a busy schedule of touring and recording, Noone, Blizzard Entertainment’s primary conductor, is no longer able to hold seminars and masterclasses like she used to. To solve this problem, she came up with an idea that would help conserve her vast knowledge and experiences, allowing students, hobbyists, and seasoned professionals to learn the “…pure practicalities of conducting on the concert stage AND scoring stage.“

“Conductrix: A View from the Podium” is the first phase of the pair’s project, “MUSO VR”, an online game that aims to provide musicians with the space and resources to perform and collaborate in real time. With new possibilities opened up by the commercialization of virtual reality tech, the creators want something that will provide players with an experience that is as true to life as possible. The recently launched Kickstarter raised $16,084 USD which will fund the production of immersive 3D instructional videos and a limited edition book with information on, what Noone calls, the “physical language” of conducting.

“Conductrix” will be divided into separate sections that cover topics like basic beat patterns, communicating nuances in dynamics and tempo, and there are plans to include demonstrations from Eímear herself, as well as a series of interviews with other conductors and musicians.

Noone would like for “MUSO VR” to eventually become a mix of game and social network – a program that educates, entertains, and connects – but every crowdfunded project comes with its own risks and challenges. There is always a chance for failure, but if the team behind “Conductrix” is successful, “MUSO VR” could make a huge impact on the world of music education as well as entertainment.


This article was contributed by Angela Escudero