Doom Open Beta Announced


Bethesda recently announced that Doom will be open to anyone who’s interested in trying out the multiplayer modes before release date. All game modes that were available to closed-beta participants will also be playable, which include: Team Deathmatch, Infernal maps and Warpath on the Heatwave. The open beta requires no code to access and will start on April 15 and end on April 18.
doom screen 1

One thing Doom’s known for is its user-created content and id Software plans to keep that tradition alive with SnapMap. SnapMap is a free and easy to use map creator, allowing users to create the most challenging maps or add twists to existing multiplayer modes. id also promises to update Doom’s multiplayer with new game modes and SnapMap with additional features such as map modules, editing tool and AI enhancements. These updates will be free of charge.

Along with these updates, three DLC packs will be available to users after launch. The first DLC will be available this summer and includes the following:

• Three new maps
• One new weapon
• One new playable demon
• One new armor set
• One new piece of equipment
• New hack modules and taunts
• New customization colors and patterns

The DLC packs will cost $14.99 individually or you can get all three at a discounted price of $39.99.