Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Box returns!


Guild Wars 2 has just brought back the Super Adventure Box!

Starting out as an April Fools’ Day joke within the game, the Super Adventure Box became an instant hit back when it was first released in 2013. The 8-bit looking action-adventure game within the gorgeous world of Tyria was a concoction of interesting contrast and hilarious gameplay. SAB, as it’s popularly known, incited nostalgia as players jumped around World 1, the Forest, and bounced through jumping puzzles that drew inspiration from old-school gaming, all in order to defeat the grand villain Lord Vanquish and rescue princess Miya.

Fast forward to 2016, Guild Wars 2 brings back the Super Adventure Box Festival, now with World 2: the Mountains! According to ArenaNet, players will have to fight off ninjas, navigate perilous rapids, and explore zones from the Pain Cliffsto Storm Top with the Storm Wizard waiting at the end. Looking for a bigger challenge? Hardcore players may torture themselves by activating Tribulation mode.

As for players who have not experienced the fun before, or perhaps those who find the learning curve difficult, Guild Wars 2 has allowed you to join in: falling in pits no longer do instant kills, rapids are less pain in the ass, shortcuts can be found and critical paths may be more accessible.


Aside from SAB now being a stable fixture in Tyria as a yearly festival, SAB decorations are also now available in guild halls. Guilds may now be able to build their own mini super adventures and test the mettle of their members, or maybe just have unadulterated fun within their domain. Old rewards are back, too, plus a few new ones. Reward currencies called Baubles can be earned easier now and tradable weapon skins can be obtained from choosy boxes instead of one-offs.

Check out Guild Wars 2’s event page for more details on the Super Adventure Box Festival.