Monster Hunter Generations for Summer 2016


Monster Hunters! Get ready to gear up this summer as Monster Hunter Generations will be available on Nintendo 3DS, according to Capcom.

The new action role-playing video game features new gameplay mechanics known as Styles and Hunter Arts. These all-new skills allow players to face all-new threats, allowing hunters to perform visually stunning moves and personalize their playstyle. Styles open up different Hunter Arts, unique skills and buffs that can be used to execute special moves upon charging.

Monster Hunter Generations include four different Styles for players. Does jumping above towering monsters and mounting them sound interesting? Then the Aerial Style might be just for you. How about learning behaviors and answering monster movements with brilliant counters, dodges and blocks? Go for Adept Style! As for hunters who are fond of charging up and blasting powerful Hunter Arts, there’s the Striker Style. And if you prefer the classics, or perhaps these new styles just seem so foreign or scary, there’s the Guild Style that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate players would be familiar with.

Monster Hunter Generations


Announced in May 2015, Monster Hunter Generations was already released in Japan as Monster Hunter X (pronounced Cross). The game includes all fourteen weapon types from MH4 Ultimate, plus a whole new Prowler mode where players get the ability to play as Felynes, anthropomorphic cats that used to be companions only.

PAX East will be showing he first public playable debut for Monster Hunter Generations at the Capcom Booth #3117, to be held in Boston, MA this April 22-24. Fans will get to sample the new game and try out the four-player co-op.