Hyper Light Drifter dev’s big move to Square Enix


Hyper Light Drifter, everyone’s indie darling, which garnered a lot of initial hype following its successful Kickstarter campaign, which launched late 2013. Due to comparisons made to beloved franchises like The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls, funding for the project exceeded its goal in merely a day. It was met with widespread acclaim upon its release two and a half years later. Combining elements of beautifully rendered pixel art with its striking color palette, it’s fast-paced and punishing combat, its cryptic story and hauntingly fantastic atmosphere, and spot-on sound design, it’s no wonder corporate giant Square Enix took an interest.

Square Enix Montreal has accepted the game’s lead designer, Teddy Diefenbach, into their ranks as a creative director. Renaud Bédard, who has worked on the equally successful games Fez and Below, will be joining Teddy, very possibly in future collaborations.

Teddy stated on his blog that the opportunity came to him by surprise, as he had expected to create more games under indie developer Heart Machine. Squaresoft games played a significant part in his early childhood, so Hyper Light Drifter was a way to channel all that inspiration into a creative output. He mentions that he admires Square Enix’ recent mobile game attempts and their simplicity. It’s easy to see why the choice to join Square Enix was the natural step to take. The future for this indie dev is an exciting one to anticipate, for sure.