Open Bionics Unveils Deus Ex Inspired Prosthetic Arms

Open Bionics

Open Bionics, a prosthetic arm manufacturer dedicated to delivering prosthetic limbs recently teamed up with Eidos Montreal and Razer for an unusual project.

If you ever wanted a shiny prosthetic arm similar to Adam Jensen’s arm from Deus Ex, then this might sound like a dream come true for you, and it gets even better as soon you’ll be able to make one for yourself thanks to 3D printing.

Eidos Montreal is collaborating with Open Bionics and Razer to develop Deus Ex-inspired Augmentations designed to be affordable, highly functional, and highly fashionable at the same time.

There are currently two confirmed models. The Titan arm which is more or less inspired by Adam’s new ability in Deus Ex Mankind Divided and the regular “Vanilla” Adam arm. Open Bionic plans to make these augmentations completely open to the public (hence the name “Open”), and since this technology is open-source you’ll be able to download certain files and make your prosthetic limb do some crazy things!