Roll7’s retro flavor brought to Xbox One


Roll7’s retro-inspired games, OlliOlli 2: XL Edition and Not A Hero: Super Snazzy Edition have been brought to Xbox One by Team17. They are available via the Xbox Store.

OlliOlli 2: XL Edition is a skateboarding game that plays like a cross between the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series and a fast-paced 2D platformer. While Not A Hero: Super Snazzy Edition is a tactical shooter in which Bunny Lord aims to take over the UK with the help of deadly assassins. You can pick up either for £9.99 or both for £14.99 (online link to the store)

Both of these games are definitive editions, each with new features. OlliOlli 2: XL Edition brings free skate mode to the series for the first time ever, while Not A Hero: Super Snazzy Edition has three new missions featuring new enemies, settings and the first playable appearance from the Bunny Lord exclusively.