Sims 4 Adding Gender-Neutrality in New Update


A new updated version of The Sims 4 just rolled out and expanded the way “Create A Sim” works for every player. The free update will allow players to create and dress up their Sims in any way they want, removing the gender restrictions. It will also allow the users to choose any body shape, voice and walking style regardless of the gender.

With every attire and hairstyle now made available to you, means there is complete creative freedom in the way you want your Sims to express themselves.

In a blog post on the game’s site, game developer Maxis has stated, “The Sims is made by a diverse team for a diverse audience, and it’s really important to us that players are able to be creative and express themselves through our games. We want to make sure players can create characters they can identify with or relate to through powerful tools that give them influence over a Sims gender, age, ethnicity, body type and more.”.

Sims 4

As of writing, the SIMS 4 update is live. The developers said it took them a whole year to get this upgrade working as they had to fit more than 700 items to different body types.