Neverwinter’s Getting D&D’s New Storm King Thunder’s Giant Storyline

Storm King Thunder's

The giants are making their way shaking the Sword Coast!

In an event recently at Los Angeles, the Wizards of the Coast revealed the story line. That is “Storm King’s Thunder” which brings the giants to the spotlight. This follows Wizards strategy of focusing on the role-playing game’s classic monsters. The D&D’s first launch was “Dragons ”  in 2014 and later launch “Elemental Evil” and then their latest release “Demons” and now “Giants. This follows the Wizard strategy of focusing on the role-playing game’s classic monsters.

As per the announcements at the event, the giants will be at Neverwinter. It would be a massive multiplayer online role-playing game for not only PC and Xbox but also the PlayStation 4. Before the console release, Storm King’s Thunder hits the PC in August.

Greg Tito focal person D&D stated, “Rob Overmeyer and his team at Cryptic Studios are busy working on Neverwinter Storm King’s Thunder to get it ready for the PC in August, with the Xbox One and the newly announced PS4 version coming later.”

He also said, “there will very likely be no official Storm King’s Thunder content in, but fans can continue to create their own dungeon adventures with DM Mode.”

In Storm King’s Thunder for Neverwinter, you head to the northern part of the Sword Coast — Icewind Dale. You first hit Bryn Shander, the largest of the dale’s Ten Towns, to look into the recent movements of frost giants in the region. This area has three new zones for adventuring. Here, you get a chance to team up with notable D&D characters such as Catti-brie and Wulfgar from R.A. Salvatore’s many Realms books and Harshnag, a frost giant that helps protect the north and based in Waterdeep.

The storyline has The storyline, of course, carries the feel of one of D&D‘s classic adventures from the 1980s: Against the Giants. But Storm King’s Thunder isn’t an update or retelling of that series.

“Storm King’s Thunder is an original story using the giant lore of the Forgotten Realms. It’s inspired from many sources such as the work of Ed Greenwood [creator of the Forgotten Realms] and William Shakespeare,” Tito said. “The daughters of the storm giant King Hekaton vying for their father’s throne feels a lot like King Lear in its gravitas.”

And this isn’t just about it being the giants’ turn in Wizard’s marketing plans for D&D. As Tito said, “giants are memorable characters in all stories. My 2-year-old daughter has been scared of giants ever since I told her they are in the next D&Dstory. There’s something fascinating about the extreme difference in scale and the necessity of adventurers working together to bring down a larger foe.”

The fans are in for a real treat.