Don’t Expect Uncharted 4 Story DLC Anytime Soon


The good news is that Uncharted 4 is getting a single player expansion; However, the bad news is that a Naughty Dog developer has said “It will be a while” before they make an official announcement let alone talk about it.

According to Naughty Dog, production of the story expansion had not begun until the launch of the game, but ideas were floating around since September 2015 when Naughty Dog developer Arne Meyer mentioned how an Expansion for Uncharted 4 could take inspiration from The Last Of Us expansion “Left Behind.”.

It worked really well for us for The Last of Us, We thought we could put together a really great piece of content for Uncharted 4 as well -Arne Meyer

However in November Naughty Dog stressed how early it was to start production on a story expansion. Left Behind received critical acclaim from critics and gamers because they had an idea for the direction of the story but as for the Uncharted four expansion. Naughty Dog had no idea in which direction they would have to go for the story.

Uncharted 4 received it’s a first multiplayer add-on called “Lost Treasures” on June 30th, 2016.
Along with the add-on, a patch 1.08 was also released the same day which would further balance the gameplay. Patch Notes have now been released as well.

Naughty Dog has also expressed interest in adding split screen multiplayer for Uncharted 4; however, that is quite difficult for a game Like Uncharted, and they can’t promise a split-screen mode yet.


Source: Gamespot